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Recent Kardashian Style Events

  • Jerry and Jahaira's Wedding - Julieanna's Patio Cafe
  • Alfredo and Natalia's Wedding - Julieanne's Patio Cafe
  • Mallory and Jaron - Britain Farms
  • Marco and Alba's Wedding - Quartermaster Depot
  • Fiorella and Marcus Wedding - Powel Crosley - Sarasota Florida
  • Yuma Rotary - Yuma Art Center
  • Scott + Haille's Wedding Photo Booth
  • Wedding Photo Booth - Minda & Jimmy
  • Otondo Elementary Fall Festival Photo Booth
  • Yuma Civic Center Wedding Photo Booth

What is Kardashian Style Photo Booths?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When the Kardashian’s get a photo booth for their parties they are black and white prints, no props, and straight up just classy. We do something similar but with options to get color prints and props. We love shooting these because the focus is on the people, not so much on props, or flashy photo strip templates.  However, we can customize the photo strips anyway you would like.

Do you still capture color photos?

Yes, both color and black and white images are uploaded to your website. The best of both worlds. 🙂

Can we use props?

Yes you can. We have some very classy props, or we can bring our whole chest of props.

Can you do full page prints instead of strips?

Yes we can! There is an additional charge for Full-Page. But let us tell you… It’s worth it!


Something classy.
White Matte Backdrop
Perfect Professional lighting

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